List of Works

1. A Royal Ho. (~240x285mm) Available
2. Studs. (~220x280mm) Available
3. Blue Bulbs. (~200x250mm) Sold
4. Impressionist Blue Torso. (~240x290mm) Available
5. A Proverb. (~170x245mm) Available
6. Meat Market. (~230x325mm) Sold
7. Your Own Hose. (~180x260mm) Available
8. The Arousers. (~235x300mm) Available
9. “A” Pack. (~285x235mm) Sold
10. Leftovers. (~185x255mm) Sold
11. Top+9. (~230x285mm) Sold
12. Looker ‘9. (~210x275mm) Sold
13. Growing Hoses. (~240x285mm) Available
14. Own a Sub. (~270x290mm) Sold
15. Power C(o)unt. (~210x270mm) Sold
16. The Handbook. (~210x255mm) Sold
17. The All Colour Book. (~240x290mm) Available
18.  LOL Nudes (~215x270mm) Sold 
19. Bros (~190x250mm) Available
20. Cityscape from the TOP (~125x185mm) Sold
21. Lilac Wishes (~245x285mm) Sold
22. Outdoor Packer (~205x270mm) Sold
23. Looking for me (~285x195mm) Available
24. Special Tools  (~205x270mm) Available
25. Moose (~230x280mm) Available
26. Exs (~155x205mm) Sold
27. His Pictorial  (~220x145mm) Available
28. Heavy Equipment  (~205x260mm) Sold
29. Supersonic (~202x252mm) Sold
30. Radio Studs  (~275x210mm) Available
31. Fold on this line  (~280x260mm) Available
32. In one bold move  (~245x210mm) Available
33. Lines and Borders  (~?x?mm) Available
34. Next Month  (~?x?mm) Available
35. With Pleasure  (~225x260mm) Availablev
36. Show training  (~205x260mm) n/a
37. K1  (~260x205mm) Sold
38. Living it up  (~225x270mm) Available
39. Ready  (~210x275mm) Available
40. Man about  (~125x185mm) Available
41. Packer  (~240x325mm) Available
42. Apparently  (~200x250mm) Available
43. The Mind  (~220x280mm) Sold
44. Understanding Sex  (~250x305mm) Available
45. exWarrior  (~180x255mm) Available
46. Perfect Drills  (~125x190mm) Available
47. Heroes of the Silver Screen  (~230x285mm) Available
48. Bruised  (~190x245mm) Available
49. Popular Tune  (~200x275mm) Available
50. Screenlovers  (~325x235mm) n/a
51. The Horse  (~180x260mm) Available
52. Blue Tight Rims  (~190x120mm) Available
53. Le Club  (~185x255mm) Available
54. The Rifleman  (~210x265mm) Available
55. Low Thinking  (~235x285mm) Available
56. Cruising in the Sun (~230x310mm) Available
57. S Play (~215x280mm) Available
58. Rifles and Pistols (~205x280mm) Available
59. Undoubtedly Herland (~210x280mm) Available
60. Reproducing Shapes (~215x295) Sold
61. Just Numbers (~200x265) Available
62. Pink Waves (~255x175) Available
63. Service (~190x125) Available
64. Crossing Fences (~230x300) Available
65. Untold Stories (~215x285) Available
66. Imaginary Boundaries (~215x295) Available
67. Contemplation (~215x295) Available
68. Perspectives (~235x295) Available
69. Life drawing (~210x300) Available
70. Pink Selfie (~215x305) Available
71. Play on Kenneth (~160x230) Available
72. Study for a Male Nude (i)  (~130x195) n/a
73. Study for a Male Nude (ii) (~120x190) n/a
74. Inspired by Tommy (~285x245) Available
75. In a Pool of Gold (~290x230) Available
76. Traditional Values (~150x217) Available
77. Boys will be Boys (~210x275) Available
78. Visions in 3D (~125x190) Available
79. Strip Manual (~150x215) Available
80. Fantasy Games (~195x250) Available
81. Owners Workshop (~225x285) Available
82. Continental Sports (~280x215) Available
83. Veiny Toys (~215x285) n/a
84. Popular Member (~295x295) Available
85. A Giant P (~245x195) Available
86. Pink Story (~225x295) Available
87. More Fantasy (~210x280) Available
88. Frontispiece (~210x155) Available
89. Guys Waiting Dial Now (~290x210) Sold
90. Shredded Strength (~285x245) Available


Last Update: October 31, 2023


︎︎︎ These collages were offered for sale to fund the production and printing of 300 limited edition books which document these original handmade objects (front and back). You can read about the project here

The collages were uploaded as they were created, [almost] chronologically—oldest to newest, at an approximate pace of three (or two) a week and posted simultaneously on my Instagram page.

The arrangement of the collages below does not reflect their real, relative sizes. 
Please refer to the dimensions and availability of each, in their respective pages.